Making leather purses with Walsall Leather Museum

On Tuesday 19th June, Year 5 and 6 had a visitor, who came from Walsall Leather Museum, to help to teach us how to make purses made from leather.  This linked to our design and technology textiles topic: combining different fabric shapes.

Each person was given two pieces of leather which they then had to sew together using particular stitches and techniques before turning inside out and threading through a piece of string to create a drawstring pouch.


Black Country Museum Trip

On Tuesday 5th June, Year 6 (accompanied by Year 5) went on a trip to the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley to learn about the history of our local area as part of our history and geography topics.  Our theme for the day was ‘Coal, iron and steam’.

During the trip we learnt why our local area is called the ‘Black Country’ as well as visiting a number of attractions including the Newcomen steam engine, cast iron house, Racecourse colliery, Jerushah tilted cottage, the chain maker, anchor forge (where the Titanic’s anchor was made), lifting bridge and canals and canal boats.

Our main activity of the day was the ‘Into the thick’ underground mine experience which enabled us to find out what life would have been like for a coal miner in the 1850s.  It was very dark and many of us were a little nervous, especially when a fake explosion caused the ground the shake beneath our feet!


Sports Day

On Thursday 24th May, Key Stage 2 pupils took part in Sports Day.  During the first part of the morning, Year 6, alongside Year 5, competed in a number of track events including the egg and spoon race, skipping race, sack race, 100m sprint, relay and 400m race.  Everyone who participated put in a great effort and there was excellent team work during the relay races.  Well done to all!

Year 2 and Year 6 sports challenge afternoon

Continuing on from our sports challenges that we started with Year 2 for Sports Relief, Years 2 and 6 met again this afternoon to try to improve upon their scores from last session.

The events that each of the children took part in were:

  • Accuracy – how many times can you throw a tennis ball against a wall and catch it?
  • Jumping – how many star jumps can you do in one minute?
  • Running – how many shuttle runs can you do in one minute?

After their second attempt, many pupils had made improvements from their first try.

Year 2 and 6 will continue to meet once a month to complete their challenges and to try to beat their previous score.

Each month,  there will be prizes for the most improved boy and girl from each year group and for the team colour who have achieved the highest score.

Why not challenge yourself to complete these activities?  How many points can you earn?  Can you beat your previous score?




Year 6 Science Week Nature Walk

During British science week, Year 6 took part in a nature walk around the local area, lead by Daniel Bashford, an outdoor learning tutor from Wide Horizons.

During the walk, children learnt how to identify some trees and how to measure them to calculate their approximate age.  Children also explored the area to look for clues, such as rabbit burrows, to identify which living things inhabited certain areas.

At the local brook, Year 6 took part in pond dipping before heading back to our school woodland to continue their search for living things in our local environment.


NSPCC Childline visit

On Thursday 15th February, staff from the NSPCC came to visit Year 6 to help them to understand how to stay happy and safe and to identify who they could talk to if they had a problem.

The children took part in discussions, decided whether different scenarios were right or wrong, watched some videos and made their own paper ‘chatterboxes’.

They also learned that, ‘We all have the right to speak out and stay safe.’

For further information, please visit the Childline website:

Childline telephone number: 0800 1111

Brilliant Basketball

This afternoon, Year 6 completed their basketball unit of PE by taking part in some competitive games involving half the class at a time, whilst the other members of the class acted as super spectators.  The Year 6 staff were extremely impressed with the effort and skills demonstrated by all.

Hour of Code

Year 6 have taken part in this year’s Hour of Code challenge which involves completing a selection of computer coding activities in order to achieve certificates.  The children worked well to help each other and enjoyed choosing from a range of activities  including Mine Craft and Flappy Bird.


PE with Elmwood

On 30th November, pupils and staff from Elmwood School visited Rushall to lead a carousel of PE activities with Year 6.  The Elmwood pupils did an excellent job of explaining and running the activities and Rushall pupils had lots of fun taking part.